For a limited time only, internationally-acclaimed face reader Eric Standop is holding consultations at Talise Spa, Madinat Spa.

Using different signs in the face, he aims to unlock a person’s full potential, revealing their characteristics, personality traits, health issues and fate.

“It’s just like reading a book,” Eric explained to What’s On. “You see lots of vocabularies in front of you by reading someone’s face. You have to combine the letters, all the signs that a face offers, discolouration, shadows, swelling, wrinkles, moles, tissue, scars, hair, nose, eyes, forehead, cheek and so on. You take a look at one part of a face and try to find out any kind of disbalance, if something is visible it means something. This is the moment when you have to rely on your vocabulary.


“And it works because, well, because all your organs are connected via nerves with the face and, even more, we have 43 muscles in our face and we use them subconsciously, making them an honest source of the personality.

“All facial diagnosis looks at your health and your nutrition. The Siang mien (Chinese style) also looks at your destiny and purpose of life. Lectura del rostro, a South American technique, is interested in love life and relationship, while Physiognomy is all about the character and personality, as well as talents.

“It can be applied to many personal and professional situations. Some of the most popular ones are relationship compatibility between couples, making important decisions, managing conflict, improving certain skills, understanding a person’s reactions, early detection of disease or illness, detecting lies and deception, getting a deeper understanding of yourself, learning more about your talents and purpose in life, and even finding out about your destiny or future.”

So where exactly did it come from?

“Face reading is as old as mankind, back from when sensory diagnosis tools, such as listening, touching and smell, were used in conjunction with other methods to determine diseases and cures,” he continues. “This was long before modern science became available to physicians and professionals involved in modern medicine.

“In China face reading techniques can be traced back as far as 2000BC. During this time diagnosis of deficiencies and diseases in the face were taught verbally. Masters and students of the art analysed and determined the character and personality of an individual, and even giving guidance to destiny.

“There is evidence that other civilisations, such as the Egyptians, the Moors in southern Spain, the Mayas or the Greeks, were also using these techniques.”

And to his unnerving accuracy, I can surely testify. It didn’t take long, just a little over half an hour in his company for me to have a greater understanding of why I behave in certain ways – good and bad – why I have perhaps chosen my particular career path, and how I can expect to attack the rest of this journey.

You can see the results of my amazing consultation, as well as hear more of an explanation from Eric, below.

When What’s On met face reader Eric Standop

Consultations with Eric run until January 9 and cost Dhs750. For more information or to book visit; or call (04) 366 6818.