To celebrate – or commiserate, depending on your view – Paris Hilton’s appearance on the decks at Cavalli Club on December 1, we’ve teamed up with Hype to cast an eye over some other famous people who have tried their hand at DJing, with varying results…

English model Kate Moss, now into her forties, has never been afraid to take a risk, whether that be dating indie stinker Pete Doherty or getting busted by newspaper journalists. As such it’s no surprise she’s given DJing a go. Her debut was at Couture Week in Paris last year, and given that we’ve heard little about her DJ exploits since, we can only imagine it didn’t set the world alight.
Verdict: Slated

Known to most as the bug-eyed raver in coming of age club movie Human Traffic, Danny Dyer is now a much-maligned Z list celeb. He gets wheeled out alarmingly often for DJ sets at all sorts of parochial puke-pits and loves shouting mindless rave slogans down the mic. Should know better.
Verdict: Slated

OK, so he isn’t really a celebrity, rather the man who unwittingly helped invent electronic music by putting a synthesized bassline under Donna Summer’s hit I Feel Love in 1977. But he’s never been a DJ, either, except when he played a set of disco for Francois K’s New York night, Deep Space, earlier this year. You can find the recording online if you look, and you really should. Last issue we revealed how Giorgio was planning his own residency in Las Vegas, a glitzy disco-inspired affair to be called A Night With Giorgio Moroder.
Verdict: Rated

After a successful career in boxing where he won middle and super middleweight world championships, Nigel Benn became (probably) the first ever celebrity DJ back in the late ’90s. He actually played some proper club venues and even released his own UK Speed Garage compilation. Adding Volume 1 to its title, though, may have been a touch optimistic.
Verdict: Rated

Irksomely renamed Li Lo by the gossip girl press, this infamous American star is no stranger to the party life and stumbling out of discos. As such she may feel at home in the club but any forays into the DJ booth should be kept to a minimum, despite (or maybe especially in light of) having had tutelage from Dim Mak boss Steve Aoki. If only she could pop basslines like she pops champagne corks.
Verdict: Slated