Theme music of video games has come a long way since the beep-beep days of Tetris. Atmospheric, sweeping orchestral scores are now as crucial a part of the gaming experience as the characters, storyline and playability. Proof is coming to Dubai this month in the shape of Video Games Live (VGL) – a full-scale concert of scores from iconic games performed by a symphony orchestra and choir.

Tracks from games such as Halo, World Of Warcraft and Guitar Hero will play over exclusive video footage, with synchronised lighting and interactive segments. More than a million people have attended VGL performances around the world, and two spin-off albums debuted in the Billboard Top 10 in America – proving that its fan base extends beyond those familiar with Assassin’s Creed.

In addition to the action on stage, the event will feature a Guitar Hero competition, prizes, game demos and a chance to meet video game composers and designers. Expect plenty of crazy outfits too – the costume contest is one of VGL’s biggest draws.

Grand Theft Auto III 
Featuring everything from jazz riffs to ’80s-style pop to hip hop, the soundtrack to life in this virtual crime underworld is an eclectic one.

Halo Stirring strings? Check. Gregorian chants? Check. This score is perfect for getting Halo fans revved up to do battle – and it’s pretty easy on the ears of non-gamers too.

World Of Warcraft Eerie and epic, this sweeping music wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack to a Hollywood blockbuster.

Dragon Age Origins Even if you’ve never picked up a console, the sound of haunting female vocals over building strings will have you ready to rid Ferelden of demonic forces.

Super Mario Bros This one will take you back to childhood days spent cross-legged on the living room floor in front of the Nintendo.

Video Games Live, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, 8pm, Dhs185. Tel: (04) 3321000. Metro: World Trade Centre.