I love Dubai at this time of year. The mornings seem crisp, the evenings darker, and there’s a real feel of winter about the place – thankfully, though, without the accompanying freezing cold temperatures.

Not that it stops people complaining – I used to think it was just the English who enjoy a good weather freak out, but a spot of mist now and again or, heaven forbid, the odd rain shower and Dubai goes bananas. Nothing sends social media crazy like a little rain on SZR (#downpour #drowning #NoahsArk #justsayin’). But, you know, that all just adds to the festive feeling for December.

Yes, festive – I’m sure there are huge swathes of the world that would be very surprised at just how well we actually do festive here in the UAE, but do it we do, and with some aplomb. There were five men putting up Christmas trees and lights in my street this week – that probably wouldn’t happen in my street back in the UK (someone would nick them, for a start) – while just yards from our offices there’s a Christmas festival in full swing right now.

If I need snow I can stick my head in Ski Dubai for 20 minutes, hang around with a couple of penguins, but I’ve got to be honest, it’s not a deal-breaker – I’m Christmassing it right up, sans terrible weather, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Helping me on the way is, of course, the What’s On guide to all things festive, including the all-important what to do and where to go on New Year’s Eve.

Enjoy what we have on offer, and for those who celebrate it, happy Christmas, and have a great new year.