The award-winning musical Chicago is coming to Dubai, and you can be there thanks to our brilliant new competition.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to the 1920s-set show of corruption, crime, exploitation and adultery is fill in the form below before 3pm on Wednesday 18 December. It’s that simple. Usual terms and conditions apply.

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To celebrate the musical’s arrival, we sat down with the stars of the longest-running American musical on Broadway, which has won six Tony Awards and a Grammy. You can read our full preview in the latest issue of What’s On, which hits the shelves on December 15.

For now here’s a little taster witt Terra MacLeod, who plays Velma, the role played with such distinction by Catherine Zeta Jones in the 2002 hit movie.

Why do you think Chicago has been such an international success? I would have to say because it is a timeless piece. It is a universal hit that allows the audience to enter a world of fame, fortune, corruption, greed, and jazz. It resonates with people all over the world. The power of the media is everywhere around us. Chicago puts it right in your face with a vaudeville dark humor twist in there as well. The script even when translated in different languages works. That’s’ how you know it’s a hit: no matter where you take it in the world the audience gets it. It’s universal. I have done the show in five different countries around the world and it speaks to people everywhere. Being a part of the first international French company was a perfect introduction to me on just how effective this show is. I also think the dancers and musicians up there just add another layer to how sexy and seductive the show is visually. It plays on all your senses. There is something quite unique about a piece of theatre that can affect all your senses.

Describe your character. She’s based on a woman who lived in the 1920s named Belva Gaertner. Her story fascinates me on many levels as I get to dig deeper and discover what drove this woman to do what she did. Underneath all that thick skin is a woman with heart who is a fighter and never gives up, even after she has fallen flat on her face. I see all sides to her and it’s like peeling back an onion – you keep unravelling the layers to see what else there is to discover. I’m still unravelling and discovering. I get a kick out of playing her.

What do you like about Velma? Her strong will. She never gives up. There is a desperation in that, and to be able to play with her vulnerability night after night is a lot of fun because she is trying to cover it up most of the time. It’s a challenge. Roxie shoots her down at a moment when Velma is probably the most open and vulnerable in the show. From that moment on it’s a race against time for her to get back on top.

Is it a physically gruelling show to perform? I wouldn’t use the word gruelling. It’s hard work, of course. I need to take good care of myself, rest, recoup and do it all over again the next day sometimes twice a day. But I love it. It’s about pacing myself. I love the Fosse style and I am always finding ways to perfect it.

Which is the song that stands out for you personally? My Own Best Friend has always stood out for me because it really is the truth about who we are. You have to be your own best friend in life or nothing works out. If you don’t have you, you don’t have anything. That is powerful to me. Singing those lyrics night after night resonate with me.

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