DJ Anna began spinning in clubs at the age of 15, and her star has been steadily rising ever since. A move to Europe, back in 2008, galvanised the Brazilian’s career – receiving plaudits for her deep, driving house and techno sets, backed up with a string of well-received releases on labels like Tronic, Witty Tunes and Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records. Her latest track, Unique, has been remixed by techno legend Green Velvet, ahead of the release of a new EP out in February. Hype caught up with South America’s queen of the underground.

Brazil’s standing within dance music has grown exponentially in recent years. How is the scene compared to when you first began your career? It’s changed a lot. It’s become popular. We have now many of the best clubs in the world. Brazil has definitely entered the electronic music circuit in a big way – worldwide. The scene is really growing, even if electronic music isn’t the main thing going on right now. Events are getting bigger and better. And the Brazilian producers are starting to break out of the local scene – but it’s the commercial music, predominantly. We’re working on changing that.

What are your earliest memories of dance music? My first memories are from way back, when I used to go record shopping with my father: we would go from shop to shop listening, for hours, to all of the newest house, dance, techno releases. I was about nine years old and my father used to buy a lot of records. Sometimes he would buy four copies of the same one – just so nobody else would have it. After a few years, I became a DJ and started travelling and buying records myself. Sweet memories.

Has being a female DJ helped or hindered your career? I think it has helped me, on some level – especially about 12 years ago, when I was starting out. It was an extra thing to help me get bookings and be able to show people my work. It still helps me nowadays, as well. People just seem to like seeing women on the decks.

What’s the one record you’d take to a desert island? I think I would take Caribou – Sun.

What can someone who’s never seen you play before expect? I find it hard to talk about myself… But I guess you could expect a lot of groove, a performance on the decks and someone having lots of fun.

Who were your biggest influences growing up? My mother: because she worked her ass off and raised three kids on her own. She’s my inspiration. Because of her I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.


DJ Anna Enough (Tronic)

Wehbba Think Thank (Tronic)

Ramon Tapia Sub Shaper (Say What? Recordings)

Nils Nuernberg The Morning Slap (Paul C & Martini Remix) (Exploited)

Sergio Fernandez Tower Of God (Kraftek)


360º, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. January 31, 4pm to 3am. Taxi: Jumeirah Beach Hotel.