OK, confession time: I can’t swim. I know, I know, it’s both hilarious and slightly odd, so go on, have a wee chuckle, get it out of your system. Finished? I’m not really sure why I can’t swim – I suppose I just never got around to it – most of my youth was spent chasing a football around (or being chased by someone who had taken offence to my football going though their front window), and since then I’ve never really fancied it. I think we may have had the odd attempted lesson at school, but I fancied turning up in a set of pyjamas to retrieve a black rubber brick from the bottom of a murky school pool even less.

But, of course, this is a bit silly – living now in a city with year-round sunshine and lovely beaches, not to mention the very nice pool in my building, then, yeah, OK, maybe now is the time to do something for the first time, which is exactly the question we pose in our new issue.  It is my aim this year to work my way through every one of our brilliant suggestions, from flamenco to Frisbee. It’s as easy as swimming. So they tell me.