It’s awards season in Hollywood, and while the chances of you earning a late invite to the most spectacular party of the year remain pretty slim, we thought it might be good to give yourself a showbiz makeover in the form of your own made to measure suit.

Remember that crisp new uniform when you started big school? A uniform that declared you had arrived in the world, the harbinger of great achievements and a guarantee you would win the heart of Jane in 7B. Some of these hopes may not have come to fruition, but years later no man can put on a new suit without feeling just a little more chipper.

It was in this spirit that we set off to the tailor’s, to start the new year with a new made-to-measure suit. First came the choice of fabric. Being in one of the world’s steamier climates, something lightweight that could withstand the rigours of running for a taxi seemed sensible. A light-grey wool with blind check and a hint of blue caught the eye.

Next came the measuring tape. The tailor deftly measured 16 statistics: front length, shoulders, sleeve length, chest, waist, hips, cross back, cross front, leg length, inseam, bottom, knee, thigh, waist, hips and trouser cross. He called out each measurement to his assistant, who took notes.

The beauty of a tailor-made suit is not only a perfect fit but also the fine-tuning. Two buttons or three? A pocket for your opera ticket? How about your name stitched into the lining? The tailor will discuss all the options with you so you get what you want. Alternatively, you can find a suit you like in a magazine, tear out the page and bring it to the tailor to replicate.

After a few days, the suit was ready for the first fitting. We slipped on the unfinished shell and discussed what tweaks we’d like. Chalk marks were made where necessary and the suit vanished into the back room for alterations. A day or two later the outfit was complete. The jacket hugged the back and shoulders like no shop-bought jacket while the trousers provided a fit of military precision. We were happy. We were ready for a new year. We felt a little bit like James Bond.

 Threads & Tailors, Shop No 4, Ajyal Building, opposite Lulu Hypermarket, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, Sat to Thur 10am to 2pm, 3.30pm to 10pm, Fri 5pm to 10pm, Dhs3,200 to Dhs4,500. Tel: (04) 3477719. Metro: Mall Of The Emirates.