They say it took an optimist to invent the aeroplane, and a pessimist to invent the parachute. But the person who invented skydiving was just nuts. Fortunately after years of scientific advance, skydiving is now a perfectly safe pursuit and can be enjoyed in Dubai by anyone with a loose screw.

Skydiving while harnessed to an instructor sees you freefall at 210kmh. You can admire The Palm splayed out beneath you and chortle at the tiny traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road. The tandem jump package includes photos and a video of your ordeal, to delight, impress and terrify your loved ones.

First time skydiver Sarah Garden took the leap of faith.

“As my friend encouragingly said to me before my skydive, ‘You’ve got two parachutes. If both don’t open, it’s just your time.’ I pondered on her words in the plane while my instructor plied me with high fives. As we reached 15,000 feet, the door opened, air rushed in and my stomach flipped. I could almost see the Grim Reaper standing on The Palm below.

“Dangling out of the door, I had a few moments to question my sanity before we surged forward and began hurtling towards the ground at 200kph. A whole minute of adrenaline-charged free fall ensued. It was fast, loud and intense, so when the parachute opened (phew), I wasn’t prepared for the peace and quiet. We glided in the air and made small talk as the parachute twirled above us. We landed gracefully to applause from the waiting crowd – thankfully, the Grim Reaper wasn’t among them.”

Check out the video below of Sarah, our friend from Emirates Woman, taking her first ever jump at Skydive Dubai

What’s On met Karim Malik

What does your job involve? I provide training in jumping from airplanes, flying without wings and controlling parachutes for safe landings. I help people challenge themselves in an unusual, adrenalin filled way.

What do you love about your job? I love working with people from all backgrounds who have different motivations for skydiving.

How do people react when you tell them what you do? It’s typically one of the better conversations at a party, provided there aren’t too many other skydivers around. People either can’t fathom why people would want to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane, or they are in awe and want to know everything, from what sensation you feel, to where they can sign up for a jump.

 Skydive Dubai, Palm Drop Zone, Mon to Sat, 10am to 5pm, Dhs1,999. Tel: (04) 3778888. Taxi: Skydive Dubai.