We’re social media addicts here at What’s On HQ, so when we heard you could tweet from the treadmill on the new ARTIS equipment at Atlantis, we were on our way to the Palm quicker than you can say “hashtag, excited”.

The sleek black machines – the latest from Technogym – certainly look impressive. The treadmills, stationary bikes and step machines all have built in touch screens allowing you to swipe from your fitness programme to your Facebook in seconds. You can also watch TV, check your Twitter, and even Skype your mates – all mid-workout.

We hopped on to the elliptical machine eager to tweet to the world about how hard we were working, but soon found that actually engaging with your followers is best left until after your workout. Scrolling through your Twitter feed is fine, but we take our hat off to anyone who can tap out 140 witty characters without breaking stride – you’re a lot more co-ordinated than we are.

That said, the equipment is perfect for people who find the gym monotonous – these machines have plenty to distract your attention from your aching legs. We loved the scenic routes feature, which lets you programme in your desired ‘location’ onscreen – so you can run alongside a lake or through a forest. There are also some famous – and geographically accurate – cities on there.

Our advice? Switch off the social media and enjoy a virtual jog through the streets of San Francisco instead.

Here’s how we reported our session through Twitter…

Live tweeting through a workout