You’ve seen the movie – well, not all of it – now meet the man.

His life and crimes have been made into a hit movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio, for which the Hollywood megastar has been nominated for an Oscar, and now the original ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is coming to Dubai to speak to a business forum on May 19.

Jordan Belfort, who built one of the biggest companies in the heart of America’s financial centre employing more than 1,000 people, was once earning more than $50million a year before spending 22 months in jail after being found guilt of stock market manipulation.

His company, Stratton Oakmont, claims responsibility for more than 30 companies worth in excess of $1million dollars, and is portrayed in the movie currently in cinemas as a place of extreme enjoyment and stunts, as well as serious business.

Now, though, Belfort, who was released in 2006, makes a living as guest speaker and international best seller – his two books which have been used to make the Martin Scorsese’s hit movie have been published in over 40 countries and translated into 18 languages.

He does, though, continue to pay back some $110million in damages to those he conned.

Speaking recently, Belfort said: “Originally when [Di Caprio] saw this project, he wanted to get it on screen – and he said this publicly – because it represented the mistakes that I made, and the attitude I had at the time, represents a lot of what went really wrong ultimately, many years later with Wall Street. 

“It was important to him, and I think that – what impressed Leo, I think about my new life so much, is he saw me make this really radical turn, and I think that moved him. And I was really proud and shocked that he did that.”

People interested in hearing more of his story will be able to attend the Arabian Business Forum, where he will give a keynote address.