A Dubai-based creative group have proposed to ‘wrap’ the Burj Khalifa in in a giant reflective sock, all in the name of art.

The ambitious project, which is codenamed ‘Exo-Burj’, is the brainchild of OP-EN (Of Possibilities Engaging Novelty) and their founder Ahmed Salman. The think tank believe they would be able to cover all 828-metres of the world’s tallest building in a fan-shaped support structure that would ‘amplify the visual perspectives of the city’s byline’.

In a statement on their website, OP-EN said: “Exo-Burj is a site-specific installation interfacing with the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai as the primary central element. In the spirit of exploring creative potential in the public realm, Exo-Burj aims to create a fluid urban ambience by suspending a reflective fabric material around the tower, complementing the structure’s reflective facade.

“Exo-Burj is mainly comprised of a reflective super-lightweight and semi-transparent fabric, suspended from a support structure from the top of the tower.

“The proposed support structure is fan-shaped, circling the Burj Khalifa with the main connection point stemming from the tower’s spire. Visitors would not only be able to view the temporary installation from a distance—which would reflect the tower and its surroundings—but also walk up-close and experience the installation first-hand.”

After a whirlwind of media coverage around the world, OP-EN felt the need to clarify a few points of their outlandish plan, insisting that it remained very much in the ‘thought’ phase as opposed to any serious developmental stage.

They added: “Exo-Burj, as noted on the actual project page, is primarily a thought experiment in the spirit of exploring creative potential in the public realm. As part of the OP—EN philosophy, various creatives ideas are developed, pitched and presented as possibilities for further exploration and execution.

“At this point in time, Exo-Burj is not being taken forward by the developer nor has any interest been articulated.”