BBC Radio 1Xtra heavyweight MistaJam weighs in for Warehouse Dubai on Friday February 21. The tastemaker brings his penchant for dirty bass to the new hi-rise underground party. Get a piece of his genre mashing action with these top soundbites from the man himself…

“I’ve been a music fan as far as I can remember, so initially I liked pretty much anything that my parents had, or what was playing on the TV and radio. I was lucky because there was a lot of good music around from many genres while I was growing up and I think I’ve been influenced by it all.”

“I’d always had an interest in music and DJing and went to a local youth club when I was 13 that had a drug awareness and music course running, the idea being that you were taught the drug awareness and were rewarded by being taught DJ skills and sound engineering. I’ve pretty much been involved in some capacity ever since.”

“Lots of hours are spent in front of the computer, going through music that people send me and from certain online shops that stock the kind of music I’m into, just trying to find the best possible music from across the genres I represent.”

“Being in a radio studio is a lot more intimate than in front of a crowd. On radio, your feedback is the Facebook, Twitter and text responses you get, whereas being in a club or on stage, your feedback is the crowd’s noise and dancing. I absolutely love both equally, though.”

“I’m one of those people who prefer to have everything perfect before going ahead. And sometimes that can be a real challenge. Wanting to do things but not necessarily being in the position to do it as well as you’d want.”

“It’s almost like the scene has come together and really united. Before now you’d be into one particular genre and that would be it. Now the boundaries have broken down completely. You can love drum ‘n’ bass, you can love dubstep, you can love trap, you can love house music. I think it makes the scene a much healthier, happier place.”

“I’m one of those DJs who doesn’t have a set. I just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. I think if you’re a producer you will plan out exactly what you want. But as time goes on chances are you’ll learn to read a crowd and that’s something I love to do. I love to be able to watch a crowd and see how they react.”

“My biggest piece of advice to someone who says, ‘What do I do to break through?’ Put your hand in your pocket and put on your own event. Put yourself on the bill alongside people you want to be seen alongside.”

“I’m lucky enough to have played in so many places that I’ve always wanted to – from UK festivals such as Glastonbury, to the US tour I did, to playing in Malawi and Kenya.”

“I’ve always been someone who marketeers refer to as an ‘early adopter’. I like to be up on new things; I like to be up on things relatively new. I love the ability that I have to be able to influence people, but with great power comes great responsibility.”

41st floor, Media One Hotel, Media City. Tel: (056) 1140556. Metro: Nakheel. Taxi: Media One Hotel. February 21, 9pm to 3am. Dhs100 in advance.