Visitors to Atlantis have a new attraction to enjoy after the world famous hotel announced the opening of Sea Lion Point, home to a family of South African Fur Seals.

Visitors can get up close and personal with these beautiful mammals, even enjoying a cuddle and kiss. Of course, the special meeting between man and cuddly beast takes place under the supervision of Marine Mammal Specialists, who insist our flappy-footed friends are as excited to see you as you are them.

A spokesman for the new attraction said: “Sea Lion Point lets guests meet members of the extraordinary Pinniped family. This interaction aims to be enriching for both the guests and the marine mammals.”

Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus – to give them their real names – come from the waters around South Africa and up to Angola and are one of 15 different species of fur seals and sea lions. At birth they weigh about 6kg and come in at around 70cm long. They can expect to live 15-25 years.

The experience costs Dhs425 for day visitors, and Dhs275 for in-house guests, and for that you also get a souvenier photo of the fun to take home with you. And what price really can you put on a kiss and cuddle with a sea lion?!

Each session – which takes place at 11.15am and 3.15pm daily – has a maximum of 10 people involved, while anyone wishing to soak it up – literally – must be at least six years of age. You also get all-day access to Aquaventure Waterpark and 25 per cent off same day admission to The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

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