He has 700,000 followers on Instagram and regularly updates his social media with stunning and often thought-provoking images of his life. 

And Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai, has done it again with a stunning stop-motion video of the weekend storm in Downtown, capturing the very moment the rain consumes the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Uploaded on Sunday evening, the short clip shows lightning in the sky around the Downtown area while clouds whizz by overhead. As it continues, a blur – which we’re soon to find out is torrential rain – in the distance moves ever closer until it seemingly crashes into the side of the iconic tower.

Within 24 hours of the upload, the 31-year-old’s clip had been liked 67,000 times and provoked 3,000 comments from his followers.

It’s not the first time the Crown Prince has made news in tandem with the Burj Khalifa. Last year as Dubai celebrated winning the Expo 2020, a video was published that showed the fearless Sheikh atop the building, waving a celebratory flag. At the time of the writing, that video – which can be seen here – had over 100,000 likes.

Of course, after the infamous Ellen Degeneres ‘selfie’ at the Oscars earlier this month, doing anything on social media seemingly pales in significance. But here at What’s On, we’re tipping our hat to the Crown Prince for his stunning clip.