The world’s most expensive coffee has gone on sale in Dubai, at ICONS Coffee Couture, in Souk Al Bahar, priced at Dhs180 for two cups.

‘Kopi Luwak’, an aromatic, civet coffee, hails from the Indonesian island of Sumatra and, we are told, ‘is sourced under fair conditions with a lot of respect for animals and the environment’.

According to the information provided by the coffee house, ‘Kopi Luwak is carefully selected from the Asian Civet cat, a special Viverridae specie, which only eats the fruit pulp of the best and ripest coffee berries. The enzymatic action involved in this unique fermentation process produced the beans for world’s rarest coffee’.

In layman’s terms, the small squirrel-like mammal eats the berries, digests them, ‘passes’ them – yes, you read it right – before the faeces is cleaned, dried and roasted. Thirsty yet?

“We are extremely pleased to introduce the wild sourced and hand roasted Kopi Luwak to ICONS Coffee Couture,” added Elena Weber, former, international model and founder of ICONS Coffee Couture. “It is an exclusive coffee experience; with the coffee being prepared in front of the eyes of the customers in a classic brewing ceremony. It’s a delight to watch.”

Dubai, of course, is no stranger to ‘world’s most expensive’ tags having recently unveiled a Dhs 96,000 bottle of wine at The Cave, Conrad Hotel, as well as the launch of the Royale Brunch at Imperium, Zabeel Saray, coming in at a whopping Dhs2,500. For that you and your guests – because who wants to experience this on their own? – will be seated in a private dining area (though you have a choice of the rest of the restaurant and outdoor terrace if you wish) where a personal butler will attend to your every need, which includes a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne EACH and Beluga Caviar.