Glamorous nightclub Mahiki has taken the unprecedented step of refusing entry to any revelers who arrive dressed in fur.

The move follows a similar announcement from the club’s sister location in London, and has been praised by those who consider the luxurious fashion accessory as cruel.

Speaking in 7Days newspaper, Matt Jolley, the brand director for Mahiki Dubai, said: “Wearing fur involves intolerable cruelty to animals. We fully support our sister club’s stance on the banning of fur. Mahiki is about having fun. By taking this stance, we are in a position to create awareness around the issue.”

The British institution, which is frequented by celebrities and royalty, last week teamed up with animal rights group Peta and unveiled a neon sign above the door with word ‘Fur’, and a slash through it.

A spokesman for the charity said: “We hope that other clubs follow Mahiki’s positive example by going fur-free as well.” And that is exactly what has happened in Dubai.

Reflecting on the news in the UAE, Sabrina Walle, managing director at Petzone Veterinary Clinic in Dubai, told 7Days: “I love that. Not everybody has to be vegan, but wearing fur is unnecessary. There are stories of animals who are skinned alive for their fur.”

Fur has made a big comeback this season with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Tom Ford all draping their models in it at the world’s leading fashion shows. So dramatic has been the rise that there is expected to record sales when the biggest ever auction of the material takes place in Helsinki, Finland, later this month. According the British media reports, 11 million mink pelts, two million fox and one million assorted wild animal furs will be available.

It has been reported that 400 shops in Dubai currently sell fur.