British fitness coach Colin Phillips has smashed the world record for the most bungee jumps in 24 hours, with a dizzying 151 leaps. The Dubai resident broke the existing record of 105 jumps 10.15am Friday, but pushed on despite aches, pains and coughing up stomach acid.

Phillips, 32, had been determined to enter the Guinness Book of World Records ever since he received the book as a five-year-old. As preparation for the feat, the long-time bungee fanatic spent weekends performing consecutive bungee jumps.

Phillips broke the record from a 90-metre crane at Dubai Autodrome, to raise awareness of breast cancer.

“After about 90 jumps, I started getting stomach acid coming back up the other way,” he said. “I just had to swallow harder.

“At one point, I looked at the scoreboard and thought ‘Oh no, only 65 jumps’, but I was hanging upside down and it actually said 95. I was over the moon.  

“I dislocated my little finger on one jump but the guys popped it back. It got caught in the safety harness. I got bad bruising on my leg from the cord on the recoil. Occasionally I took a hit in the nether regions, which is never a good one.”

Unfazed by injuries, Phillips is already eyeing up his next challenge: bungee jumping from Burj Khalifa.

“I have Burj Khalifa in my thoughts,” he said. “It’s good to keep challenging yourself.”