A very different kind of car crash television took centre stage on Yas Island this week as British TV show Top Gear rolled into town.

Of course, Abu Dhabi is no stranger to the roar of an engine whizzing around the Formula One circuit in the Marina. Yet it was just around the corner from the home straight that presenter Richard Hammond chose for the location of his stunt. 

The star of the show broke new ground when he test-drove the brand new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 – that’s right, SIX wheels, not your usual four – in mega waterpark, Yas Waterworld.

In footage broadcast on the BBC, Hammond took the Dhs1,900,000 truck for a splash through the Yadi Yas Wave River – an over one metre-deep ride with steep curves – to test it’s off-road and underwater capabilities.

Having emerged from the water, the car is last seen heading towards the desert where, we are told, it’s ability to handle sand is just as impressive.

According to Mercedes themselves, the G63 comes with ‘an AMG V8 twin-turbo engine, combining extreme off-road ability with exceptional performance on the road. With its 6×6 all-wheel drive technology, this 3.85-tonne AMG is more than a match for the toughest terrain.

‘With a low-range gear ratio, it gains maximum traction during off-road manoeuvres and has five differential locks that can be engaged while on the move.

‘The colossal 37-inch tyres benefit from a unique pressure control system, which allows the driver to swiftly adjust tyre pressure while the vehicle is running. So when driving from sand dunes to rocky terrain, there’s no need to jump out and adjust the tyres.’