What’s On has details of Claudio Sadler taking to BiCE, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, The Walk, JBR, for three nights. We interview Claudio Sadler.

A classic Italian dish, honed by talented chefs over hundreds of years, is a hard thing to improve upon. But two Michelin star chef Claudio Sadler attempts to do just this at his restaurants in his hometown of Milan, Italy.

His constant desire to innovate and modernise traditional Italian food has made him one of the most respected and recognised chefs in Italy. Next week, Claudio brings his interpretation of Italian cooking to Dubai where he’ll work with BiCE’s resident chef, Cosimo Danese, to present a set menu over three days at BiCE, the What’s On award-winning restaurant at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort.

Claudio, 57, told What’s On his special menu is designed to combat the warm weather in Dubai. “The menu starts with a cold soup of zucchini and mint, which is refreshing and cooling,” explains Claudio. “It’s served with panzanella: a salad of olives, tomato, celery, fennel and extra virgin olive oil, with red caviar of salmon on top. It’s a typical – and very popular – dish from Tuscany.”

Claudio’s top five essential Italian ingredients
Extra virgin olive oil, Fresh pasta, Rice, Grana padano cheese, Creativity!

For the second course, Claudio has invented a ravioli filled with risotto Milanese, with saffron and a sauce of osso bucco [braised veal shanks]. “The risotto is not its normal texture, it’s liquid,” says Claudio. “Both these dishes are very typical of Milan. I put them together to make it exciting. Whenever I travel and cook abroad, I always make risotto because it is such a typical Italian dish.”

Next up is a casserole of lamb filled with truffle and foie gras, a classic dish that Claudio has made for years. To finish, a soup with strawberry, yoghurt and cream. The four-course menu is priced at Dhs495 per person.

Claudio’s passion for reinventing classic dishes is a reaction to current food trends. “Society changes and so, therefore, does the kitchen,” he says. “It’s very important for me to study traditional recipes but move them forward. So many dishes are perfect, but they might be heavy. People don’t want heavy food today; they want healthy food. So you have to keep the tradition in mind, but surprises people when they eat the dish.”

The chef has advice for anybody travelling to Italy for the first time this summer. “You must go to a trattoria [a less formal Italian restaurant],” says Claudio. “Here you will feel and taste the tradition of Italian food – eat things such as tortellini, or tagliatelle bolognese. I would also suggest you go to a good pizzeria and try a simple margarita pizza made with buffalo mozzarella, which is the best in my opinion. Eat this and you’ll understand the philosophy of Italian cuisine.”

April 21 to 23
BiCe, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, The Walk, JBR. To make a reservation call (04) 3182520. facebook.com/hiltondubai