Comic Con offered plenty of entertainment for everyone from Cosplay fans to art collectors. As our gallery celebrities – including Seth Green, Sylvester McCoy, Giancarlo Esposito, (Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring), Michael Jai White and Tony Jaa – at the event shows, everyone just wanted to be involved.

Away from the main floor, guests were treated at the celebrity gifting lounge, which have previously entertained the great and the good at Dubai International Film Festival and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Fashion-favourite Koton showed off their wide selection of men’s T-shirts, including lines from Comic-Con legends Superman, Batman, South Park and The Simpsons. A capsule women’s was also available, as was a collaboration bewteen regional designer brands T-Junction t-shirts and Cotton Candy flip-flops.

New Era, the classic hat makers, gifted their famous caps, all of which maintained the superhero theme, with tributes to Superman, Batman, Captain America and so much more.

Italian brand Speedometer also took up residence to officially launch their unique bracelets made out of gold and stainless steel watch bezels. 

Here’s what the celebrities got up to…

Seth Green
The Family Guy star made for Koton’s Superman sweatshirt first off, before taking a particular shine to the Speedometer bracelet and glow in the dark New Era cap.

Michael Jai White
So popular were the T-junction shirts with Arabic writing on the front, that Michael wore his throughout his day at Comic Con signing. He also pocketed a Speedometer and some ‘blinging’ flip flops for his wife by Cotton Candy.

Tony Jaa
Martial artist experts was all about the superheros bagging himself t-shirts from Koton and limited edition Captain America and Iron Man New Era caps.

Sylvestor McCoy
The original Doctor Who was all about the Speedometer bracelet, joking that they could well be a magic time travel piece.

Giancarlo Esposito
Breaking Bad star couldn’t have been further from his character in the show, taking time to enjoy each and every stall, before loading his bags with a new jacket and t-shirt from Koton, a Captain America hat from New Era and Speedometer bracelet.


Pictures Farooq Salik