What’s On has details of the new Dubai Police Museum at Al Qiyadah Metro station, which will reportedly be shaped as a policeman’s hat of world record size.

The design for the new Dubai Police Museum has been revealed: a giant policeman’s cap. The four-story building is expected to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest policeman’s cap.

The museum’s budget has been approved and the preliminary plans are underway. Based at Dubai Police Headquarters near Al Qiyadah Metro station, the museum will be visible to passing Metro passengers.

The new building will replace the old museum – opened in 1987 on a neighbouring site – and the original contents transferred. Artefacts include weapons used and confiscated by Dubai Police, uniforms, telecommunications equipment, radars and brochures. Visitors will also learn some of the ways drugs have been smuggled into the country.

The museum’s photograph collection documents the history of Dubai Police since its inception in 1956, and includes photos of the first female police force. Researchers studying the history of Dubai Police will be able to take advantage of new research halls.

Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, the Deputy Chairman of Police and General Security and the former Dubai Police Chief, is credited with the idea of the giant policeman’s cap.

Lt Gen Dahi’s colleague, Maj Gen Abdul Rahman Mohammad Rafei, told Gulf News: “Museums usually look traditional, but Dubai Police always looks for new things and that is why Lt Gen Dahi chose this modern unique design.”

Other sartorial records worldwide include the largest knitted hat at 6.90 metres in height and 15.05 metres in circumference (presented in Puchheim, Germany), and the old woman who lived in a shoe.