What’s On has learned a Dubai developer plans to build a luxury resort on Great Britain island in The World archipelago


A luxury resort is to be built on the island representing Great Britain in Dubai’s World archipelago.

Dubai-based developer Q Group of Companies has signed an agreement with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to provide water transport for visitors to the island.

In an inspired bid for authenticity, the Great Britain resort will feature “snow and rain-lined streets”.

The cluster of man-made islands that resemble the world map from above fell victim to the economic crisis in 2008, and development ground to a halt.

Only two of the 300 islands have so far been developed, with one playing host to a show home. Work resumed on the project earlier this year as investor confidence grew.

Q Group CEO Safi Qurashi told Emirates 24/7: “We had a plan when we bought Great Britain and it hasn’t changed. We are excited about the prospect of delivering our unique vision. In the near future we plan to launch the island project and reveal the exciting plans for this unique destination. I believe the World Islands will offer a unique experience in Dubai.”

Kleindienst Group will oversee construction of the Great Britain resort, as well as the entire Heart of Europe development. RTA will run water taxis and ferries to Great Britain island once the resort has been built.

The World project is 9km wide and 7km long, covering an area of 931 hectares with five types of community planned: Estate Islands, Mid Density, High Density, Commercial and Transportation, and Resort Islands. The islands were initially sold by invitation only for the princely sum of Dhs73 million to Dhs184 million.