What’s On speaks to the cast of Stomp as they prepare to perform their show at Dubai World Trade Centre from April 30 to May 4. Find out how to get tickets.

Dustbins, broomsticks and oil drums sounds like the contents of the stock room at Ace Hardware. But put them in the hands of a cast of dancers and drummers and you get Stomp, the international theatre hit. One of the cast, Michael R Landis (see pic right), explained why it’s not a good show to be in if you’ve got a headache.

Do you use real dustbin lids or are they sheets of metal that have been customised for the show? We use real dustbin lids that have been modified so  we can attach straps to them for our hands. Other than that they are real bin lids from real bins that you would find on the street.

How many lids are brought on tour with the show? Between 60 and 70. We have a great crew and they keep everything around for us to use when we need it. There are always new lids laying around.

How long does each lid last? The longevity of the lids depends on what character is using them. Certain characters use the lids more than others and do different things with them. Personally I go through a set of lids every two weeks. If one of the lids breaks we have to replace it because it could create a sharp edge. That’s dangerous because we hit them against other cast members’ lids – you don’t want to have an accident.

If you have a headache, the show must be a nightmare to perform. Yeah, I’ve had a few shows where I’ve been suffering from a migraine. If you were in the audience, I’m sure I would have looked fine to you, but if you had seen me backstage you would have seen me rolling around on the ground in pain like a baby.

How exhausting is it to perform in the show? It is a very physical show, but there are some subtle parts too. When the creators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas wrote the show, they placed the numbers in a certain order so we can take a breather.

What parts of your body take the biggest hit? We are stomping into the ground, which causes a lot of impact on knees. There is a number in the show where we have 40-gallon oil drums strapped to our feet and we walk around and that section can really hurt your back.

When you’re having dinner, do you find yourself subconsciously tapping away with your cutlery? Well, I was washing the dishes last night and every pot was a different size. When I filled them up with water to rinse them out, I tapped on each one to hear the different sounds they created – I couldn’t help it.

April 30 to May 4
World Trade Centre, Dubai. 3pm, 4.30pm, 7pm and 8pm, Dhs195. Tel: (050) 9652424. Metro: World Trade Centre. m4events.com