Andy Warhol, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Banksy, Yue Minjun – four icons of pop art, street art and general mischief come together for the annual exhibition The Big Picture.

These heavy hitters share gallery space with 40 UAE-based artists, selected from 250 applicants at the independent art exhibition; self-funded and organized by participating artists.

According to the team behind the special show, ‘The BIG Picture demolishes boundaries and gives the artists the freedom to express their interpretation of this message in a simple method, freeing it from art politics, galleries’ profitable guidelines or fame-driven market, while emphasizing the importance of it via large pieces’.

Paintings, photography, sculpture, digital art, performance art, installation and even audio visual arts will be on show between May 10 and 20, at Jumeirah Palm Strip Mall.

**Due to demand, the exhibition will now run until May 30.


Numbness by Dina Saadi

Art in Dubai: Numbness by Dina Saadi

Hazy Reality by Reem Albanna

Art in Dubai: Hazy Reality by Reem Albanna

Announciations by Aleksander Bezinovic

Art in Dubai: Announciations by Aleksander Bezinovic

Beauty Of Her Soul by Sonu

Art in Dubai: Beauty Of Her Soul by Sonu

May 10 to 20
Pro Art Gallery, Jumeirah Palm Strip Mall, Dubai, 7.30pm to 10.30pm, free. Tel: (050) 6767997. Taxi: Jumeirah Palm Strip Mall.