What’s On goes behind the scenes at Bounce, the new indoor trampoline park in Dubai, opening in June in Al Quoz, one of the most exciting new things to do in Dubai.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to jump up and down on your bed before your parents would tell you to stop? Well, now you can once again feel that giddy euphoria of flying through the air at a new indoor trampoline park in Dubai.

Set to open in June, Bounce is currently under construction in an Al Quoz office block and What’s On had the first look. Located opposite Lime Tree Café, Bounce is a 25,000 square feet space that will house more than 80 trampolines.

Chief operations officer Doran Davies is quick to clarify that it’s not a gym. “Bounce is about freedom, enjoyment and having fun – everyone likes to jump up and down. The fact that you get a great workout at the same time is a bonus.”

Ex-gymnast Greg Campbell is Bounce’s experience manager. “Trampolining – or freejumping as we call it – is an excellent workout for the core, legs and bum,” he says. “It’s low impact, and it’s good for both cardio and strength. Ten minutes of bouncing burns the same number of calories as 33 minutes of running.”

The tramps, as they are nicknamed, have been imported from Australia (where Bounce began) and America. The performance area will house five Olympic tramps for advanced athletes. The trampolines are connected, with padding around the edges, enabling people to move around the venue, springing from trampoline to trampoline. A giant air bag at one end means you don’t have to nail your landing – you can just sail through the air and flop back down to earth. There will be three basketball hoops on the walls for slam-dunks and an area for dodgeball matches.

One of the most eye-catching skill to look out for will be wallrunning, in which people bounce on their backs and then walk up the wall a few paces before falling back down on the tramp. A team of staff will be on hand to offer tips.

A viewing platform up high will give people great views of the venue, and will house a café serving drinks and snacks. Bounce is for adults and children, although there is a height restriction and kids must be over three to have a go.

“Freejumping is therapeutic,” adds Doran. “Flying through the air is liberating – it makes you feel like a kid again.”