What’s On lists dance classes in Dubai, including salsa, tango, Bollywood, zumba, American swing, ballet, flamenco, Arabic Khaliji, and tribal dancing.

Five new fitness fads
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Chin up, spine straight, shoulders back. Take your partner and move your hips to the beat. Step in time and you’re salsa dancing. Sound tricky? Don’t worry, salsa whizz kid Del Piero Olokun will guide you from your first nervous steps to moves worthy of Havana. Pay Dhs600 per person for a six-hour course over three weeks.

Ritmo de Havana, Ductac, Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai, Sat and Tue or Sun and Wed 9pm to 10pm. Tel: (050) 6963520. Metro: Mall Of The Emirates. ritmo-de-havana.com

Salsa dancing - classes in Dubai

As the saying goes, it takes two to tread on your partner’s toes. Translating as ‘touch’ in Latin, this sensual dance sprung up in late 19th-century Buenos Aires among Italian immigrants, and the craze soon spread to Paris, London, Berlin and New York. Learn to tango with award-winning dancers Cesar and Elizabeth, then join one of the regular Dubai milongas (tango parties). Private classes are available on request Saturday to Thursday, 9am to 8pm, at Dhs250 per hour.

Icon Tower, Studio 106, Tecom, Dubai. Tel: (050) 4746249. Metro: Dubai Internet City. latinsouldubai.com

Tango dancing - classes in Dubai

Combining aerobics with hip hop, samba, mambo and even martial arts for good measure, zumba is the sassiest, sweatiest dance out there. You’ll burn a bunch of calories and learn moves that will attract bewilderment in a nightclub. Fitness First runs regular classes across their Dubai gyms.


Zumba classes in Dubai

The Roaring Twenties saw jazz take off across the USA and dance floors buzzed with a new dance called swing. African Americans in Harlem, New York, brought us the most enduring form – lindy hop – an eight-step partner dance that’s all about having fun. Learn the basics at a friendly beginners’ class.

Lindy Hop Dubai, Speakeasy Bar, Ramada Plaza, JBR, beginners Sun 8pm, free. Taxi: Ramada Plaza. facebook.com/LindyHopDubai

Swing dancing - classes in Dubai

What began as a dance in Italian Renaissance courts was picked up by the French and Russians and turned into the most prestigious dance of all. Pomp aside, ballet is a fun way to keep fit and look vaguely graceful at the same time. Beginners and intermediate dancers can attend a drop-in class with stretches at the barre, floor work and jumps. No bouquets of flowers at this stage.   

Concord Tower, Dubai Media City, Dubai, Wed 6pm to 7pm, Sat 10.30 to 11.30am, Dhs65. Tel: (04) 4470773. Metro: Nakheel. jamesandalex.com

Ballet dancing - classes in Dubai

Stamp, clap and spin with the passion of a Spaniard. The haunting music and defiant gestures were born of the Romani people in Andalusia, and now fill bars and concert halls across the world. Expect complaints from downstairs if you practise at home.

Capella Club, Silverene Towers, Dubai Marina, Dubai, beginners Tue 9pm to 10pm, intermediate Sun 9pm to 10pm and Tue 8pm to 9pm, Dhs75. Tel: (04) 4526000. Metro: Jumeirah Lakes Towers. capella-club.com

Flamenco dancing - classes in Dubai

Come with oodles of energy for this no-nonsense dance class. Based on tribal African traditions, the moves will get you shaking muscles you didn’t know you had. Discover what they mean by total body articulation. It’s Dhs80 for one session or Dhs700 for ten.

Exhale Fitness Studio, Breih Street, JBR, Dubai, Mon 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Tel: (04) 4243777. Metro: Dubai Marina. exhaledubai.com

Tribal dancing - classes in Dubai

We’ve all seen variations of this on a desert safari, so why not give it a go, ladies? The traditional dance of the Arabian Peninsula, the movements are inspired by the Gulf. The head and hands emulate the motion of waves, while the hair is flipped and spun like the most captivating shampoo commercial you’ve ever seen.

Oriental Dance Academy, Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road Tue 7.15pm; Town Centre, Springs, Mon 8.15pm, Wed 7.15pm, Dhs65. Tel: (04) 3808282. bellydancedubai.com

Khaliji dancing - classes in Dubai

No Bollywood film is complete without regular outbursts of song and dance. Though we may not admit it, there is not one of us that doesn’t want to be up there with them. Dance teacher Nisha runs a high-energy Bollywood dance class at Dhs55 per session or Dhs550 for 11 sessions, letting you get fit and feel like a film star.

Enoc Studio, Ductac, Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai, Sat 7pm to 8pm; BurJuman Community Hall, Fri 1pm to 2pm. Tel: (050) 7492067. Metro: Mall Of The Emirates. dancewithnisha.com

Bollywood dancing - classes in Dubai