What’s On gets hypnotherapy in Dubai with Biolite. Therapist in Dubai Mona Mirza guides us into a meditative state for this alternative therapy in Dubai.

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Mention hypnosis and you might think of a man in a tuxedo swinging a pocket watch in front of someone before making them prance around the stage clucking like a chicken. But the hypnosis at Biolite – dubbed a ‘mind spa’ – is very different. It’s a form of therapy that can fix your fears.

The treatment starts with a questionnaire designed to reveal your personality and identify your phobias. In our case it was a fear of the sea and boats.

We transferred to the couch where our therapist Mona Mirza guided us into a meditative state. It felt as if we were falling asleep yet still aware of noises around us – a very pleasant sensation. Mona then described various scenarios to do with water, peppering her descriptions with positive statements.

Next up was a trip to the ‘emotional control room’, where Mona urged us to imagine turning down the dials on our anxiety levels. As our 1hr and 45min session came to a close, we gradually came out of our trance-like state and felt energised and upbeat.

While we can’t claim that we felt brave enough to hop on a boat after the session, we must say our mood improved greatly. As well as phobias, hypnosis can be used to tackle physical issues such as fertility and acne. Our advice? Keep an open mind and let Mona tinker with it.

 Biolite, Villa 57, Al Thanya Road, Umm Suquiem 2, Dubai, Sun to Thur 11.30am to 5pm, Dhs750. Tel: (04) 3466641. Taxi: Al Thanya Road. biolitedubai.com