What’s On goes to Bujinkan martial arts classes in Dubai. What is Bujinkan? A combination of Taijutsu, JutaiJutsu, Taihen-Jutsu, Junan Taiso, Buki waza.

What is Bujinkan Budõ Taijutsu? An ancient Japanese combat system.

What is the aim? To disable an attacker. This is not a competitive sport.

Who can practise Bujinkan Budõ Taijutsu? Anyone. The system uses footwork and biomechanics, not muscle strength.

What skills will I learn? Strikes, kicks, blocks (Taijutsu). Grappling, throwing, limb control (JutaiJutsu). Rolls, leaps, evasions (Taihen-Jutsu). Body flexibility, meditation (Junan Taiso). Armed combat with traditional weapons (Buki waza).

What are the benefits? You’ll strengthen and develop your core, plus flexibility and balance will be improved. Bujinkan can also overcome negative personality traits, such as aggression, egotism, shyness and fear of failure

Where can I try it? Dubai Marina (venue to be announced), Tue 6.30am to 8am. Safa Park, Gate 2, Fri 10am to noon, 5pm to 6.30pm; Shangri-La Hotel. Abu Dhabi, Fri 4pm to 6pm; Corefit Gym, Dubai Marina, Sat 7.30am to 9.30am, Dhs50. Tel: (055) 5554631.

In medieval Japan, the most skilled warriors were the samurai and the ninja. While the samurai engaged in open battle wearing armour, the ninja specialised in guerilla combat, espionage and assassination. The techniques and philosophy of the samurai and ninja were recorded in scrolls and passed down through the generations. A thousand years on, the combined knowledge forms what we now know as Bujinkan Budõ Taijutsu, centred on nine martial arts lineages.

Bujinkan Budõ Taijutsu promotes patience, self-control and dedication. The secret principle of Bujinkan Budõ Taijutsu is to know the foundations of peace. Resolve conflict before conflict arises. The best way to win a fight is not to be in it. Surviving is more important than winning or losing.