What’s On speaks with Andrea DeBellis, the founder and CEO of NYLA Method – the Rolls Royce of fitness  – currently operating at Fairmont, The Palm.

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The “Rolls Royce of fitness” is how Andrea DeBellis describes NYLA Method – the barre-based, women-only workout she founded in the US and has now brought to the UAE.

One look at the team – think pro-athletes crossed with the cast of Baywatch, but with more energy – is all it takes to illustrate her point.

We asked Andrea to tell us more about how NYLA works, and why we should be trying it.

Tell us a bit about the benefits of a barre-based workout. “Our hour-long class not only targets the whole body, but focuses on the areas women struggle with the most; hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms. After each muscle group is worked, we follow with lengthening stretches in order to create long, lean muscles without bulk. Our formula of targeted isometric intervals works to defy gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up.”

What makes the NYLA Method unique? “NYLA Method has taken the traditional barre workout and evolved it, adding our own signature moves and sections. We collaborated with experts from many disciplines – pilates, yoga and physiotherapy – to ensure that the NYLA Method was safe, effective and efficient. Every minute of the class has been thought out to ensure results.

Is it suitable for women of all fitness levels? “Yes. People can expect to shake and burn in every class. Our classes are designed to be a challenge for everyone at every level. It still challenges me and the other instructors.”

Which NYLA move is the toughest? “The thigh section – it never gets easier.”

What’s your favourite workout track? “I love a good seat section set to Bob Sinclar’s Love Generation. It’s a song that makes me happy and energises me.”

You’ve worked in New York, LA and London, what inspired you to branch out into the Middle East? “After visiting Dubai and being amazed by the energy of the city, I realised there was not only the need for the best exercise format in the world – barre – but a whole fitness and wellness experience and community. With NYLA I want to build a community where women can genuinely support, encourage and educate each other one what I think is one of the most important issues in the region – health and wellness.”

NYLA Method classes are taking place at Fairmont the Palm and Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, and at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Monte Carlo Beach Club in Abu Dhabi. Dhs115 per class, packages available. nylamethod.com