What’s On finds out about snow-robics, the new fitness class being held at Ski Dubai. Mall Of The Emirates. Is snow-robics good for you? How do I book?

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You may well have heard of high-altitude training, or perhaps you’ve even tried an ice bath. And what about bikram yoga? As science has helped us understand our bodies better, fitness classes have long since moved on from a mat on the floor and some weights.

Now the latest addition to the fitness fad scene in Dubai has seen Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates open its doors to ‘snow-robics’. Yes, aerobics on the snow. The resort is offering a monthly fat burning boot camp that is focused on customized 45-minute snow sessions. According the information provided by the guys behind it, the 30-day plan is ‘geared at weight loss and complimented by a unique and memorable high impact work-out experience.’

We spoke to fitness trainer Nathan to find out more…

Why is it an added help to work out in the cold? In a nutshell, training at subzero temperatures burns more calories by increasing the rate at which your body breaks down fat – combined with the fact that training at subzero temperatures can improve you athletic performance, it’s a win win situation.

Many people would say extreme heat and subsequent sweat loss would be better for losing weight… It’s fair to note that not all weight loss is the same – extreme heat will facilitate water loss as your body sweats to cool you down, this weight loss is short lived and will be regained once you hydrate. If you’re training effectively you can lose body fat at different temperatures, however training in cold temperatures has recently also been shown to facilitate hormonal responses that can accelerate fat loss, and keep it off.

Do you have to adapt the moves that you include in the class because of the temperatures? We spend a little more time warming up, but once your body is warm we focus on the usual big compound movements that engage multiple joints.

How quickly do you imagine people will start seeing results, and who especially would you like to see take part? It is a medical fact that by combining cardiovascular and strength workouts with healthy and nutritional eating, people can lose weight in a safe manner while increasing their endurance levels. What we aim to do is provide a structured and fun workout and nutrition plan to help committed individual who want to embrace a healthy and balanced lifestyle and see positive weight loss. Having said that, if one is prepared to put in the effort, results can come really fast; we have seen reductions of up to 14lbs in four weeks. If our participants are committed to the program, we are 100 per cent confident that the results will come, and we will guide them every step of the way.

Where is the coldest place you’ve ever worked out? It would have to be Ski Dubai! It’s the coldest place I’ve ever done a structured fitness program in and I love it – I leave it feeling invigorated and energetic every time.

Snow-robics runs every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30am and 9am, with a single session costing Dhs90 or all 12 over the month coming in at Dhs1,000. To register visit skidxb.com