What’s On teams up with Hype to interview DJ Tim Green, who plays at Story Rooftop Lounge, Holiday Inn Express, Dubai Media City. Get contact number and event information.

All you need to know about the history of house

UK DJ and producer Tim Green keeps his fingers in a few different pies – his house and techno output finding homes on various labels, from Dirtybird to Cocoon, and more recently his own Disc Over Music label. Put together on the fly, his live shows are also shot through with cheek and charm. Discover for yourself, with Hype

“Too many people rush and get as much music out there as possible, on as many labels as possible, just because they can. I really think that less is more.”

“The lines between genres are getting more and more blurred, and it’s harder to see where one genre starts and another ends. I think it’s much better to stop thinking about genres, at least when writing music anyway.”

“I like to push myself into different directions and new sounds. I get bored easily, so I write in different styles. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to focus on one type of sound or style. For me, the most important quality in my music is diversity.”

“I always wanted to break through as a diverse talent. I’d like to get to a point where I can write a track and no-one has pre-conceived ideas about what it might sound like.”

“I’m a guitar player, so I grew up listening to jazz, rock, blues and folk. My family’s very musical, so most of the music I grew up with was influenced by my Dad, really.”

“I’m always quite distracted and focused on music 100 per cent of the time, so I’m always thinking most people don’t know who I am and have never heard of me.”

“People need to be really keeping it to themselves. Be really analytical of their own music. And just set yourself pretty high goals, I think, and push yourself until you really feel that you, you know, you’ve gotten to that level.”

“Anyone can be a producer, which on one hand is really fantastic, and there is some amazing music coming through thanks to this, but on the other, I think the market is being saturated by a lot of mediocre music.”

“People are always interested in new artists as they are fresh. But it’s harder to keep things fresh when you’ve already been around for a while. I really like this though, as it means you always have to work hard and challenge yourself.”

Machu Warriors with Tim Green, Story Rooftop Lounge, Holiday Inn Express, Dubai Media City, Friday, 9pm to 3am, Dhs100. Tel: (050) 3599798. Taxi: Holiday Inn Express, Dubai Media City