What’s On takes on Wibit, the new inflatables at JBR (Jumeriah Beach Residence), Dubai, at sea in front of hotels on JBR and The Beach mall development. 

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Remember the first time you realised you were too tall to play on the adventure playground? Or the discovery that relatives thought ill of you being first on the bouncy castle at your niece’s fourth birthday party?

Awkward. Well, Dubai now has something for all of those with ‘big kid’ instincts still very much intact. And What’s On can answer the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue; what is the new installation of green and yellow inflatables at JBR?

Recently moored some 20-odd metres out to sea in front of The Beach development, Wibit has been attracting hundreds of excitable adventurers on a daily basis since it first appeared. In short, it’s an adventure playground on the high seas. And it’s brilliant.

The company has more than installations in more than 50 countries all over the world, having been set up originally in Germany 18 years ago. It first appeared in the Middle East in 2013, setting up a much smaller park in the shadow of Burj Al Arab.

However, now they have the biggest installation of its kind anywhere in the world (58m x 40m), comprising two trampolines, two giant climbing walls, several slides, a running wall, a rope swing and countless other obstacles even the loose-limbed individual will be challenged by. You can jump, climb, slide and swing, all of which ultimately end with a slip and splash.

Everyone who boards must wear a lifejacket – and you’ll be thankful for it – which is rented from the beachfront at a price of Dhs60, getting you an hour on Wibit. Be prepared, though, it’s one helluva workout, hauling yourself up and around the likes of IceTower and Action Tower. But it beats any gym.

Opening times
May to June 15: 8.30am to 6.30pm
June 15 to September 15: 8am to Midday, and 3pm to 7pm
September 16 to December 31: 8.30am to 6.30pm