What’s On goes to VOX Cinema at Deira City Centre to try 4DX cinema in Dubai. The latest films showing were X Men: Days of Future Past. Get tickets. 

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By Roui Francisco

Did the 4DX version of X Men: Days of Future Past deliver its promise? Yes. Was it exciting? Definitely. Let me explain.

A few years ago, the advent of 3D cinema was the hype. It lead to a new wave of monster movies, superhero movies, and sometimes even slasher B-movies. More often than not, plot potential has been sacrificed to afford cheap shot CGI, resulting in the audience paying more than they should. It got to the stage where retro-fitting the experience was just an ill-thought out gimmick designed to suck pennies from the average movie-goer.  Too wrapped up in dodging the rocks ‘flying’ out the screen, a majority of the viewers are unaware of the selfish business ploy that lurks below its surface.

Well, let me tell you this, folks; 3D cinema is dead.

“Come on, Dhs50 for that pile of garbage? And are you telling me we don’t get to keep the glasses? Outrageous!” This was how it used to be. But for 4DX, this was not the case. 4DX is the true successor to 3D.

Picture this: on screen, an aerial shot of a half-razed New York City is enhanced in the auditorium by the feeling of floating, wind whipping against the audience face. Then rain. Spritz of water put viewers in the heart of the fog and damp cloud before Storm, Professor X and Co whizz into view. Battle is about to commence, the chair rocks, the gust of wind gets harsher, and our first casualty, Wolverine, falls to the ground with a thump felt by a slight tug on the back of the chair. Senses are heightened and tested; pain is felt, the hardship, the frustration of the fight. But victory is at hand, not just for the stars of the screen, but for the audience throughout. Here it goes, here it goes…. some could even be heard exhaling in relief. The audience have lived every bit of the battle with Magneto.

4DX is mesmerising as it is elaborate, creating a heart-stopping real-time experience of what it must be like for our heroes of the silver screen. But let us give credit where it’s due; the detailed technical setup in the overall experience is an art form that has improved the viewing experience. The timing. The execution. The effects used, these are skills akin to the delivery of one-liners by Fassbender, Lawrence and the like.

So a thumbs up, but is it really worth the money? To be frank, it’s something definitely worth experiencing, but it’s double the enjoyment at a little over three times the price, so it’s for special occasions. And special films. Perhaps if they threw in a free tub of popcorn… just promise not to drop it when the chair starts rocking.

A standard ticket in 2D costs Dhs35, standard seat in 3D costs Dhs47, 4DX costs Dhs125. 4DX is available at Mirdif City Centre and Deira City Centre. To book your tickets and for more information visit voxcinemas.com