What’s On has details of a new app to help order taxi in Dubai, linked to RTA taxi in Dubai that helps drivers find you. It could rival Uber and Careem.

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We’ve all been there; stranded in Jumeirah at rush hour, desperately hoping a vacant cab might drive past. Those dark days could soon be a distant memory thanks to Dubai’s new ‘smart taxi’ mobile app.

Once they’ve downloaded the app, which is linked to all 8,979 RTA taxis, all passengers have to do to order a cab is shake their phone. Their location will be sent to the nearest available taxi driver, who will pick them up.

Similar to chauffeur car services like Careem and Uber, customers can track their driver’s progress while they wait, and rate the service once they’ve reached their destination.

But if you’re thinking you can jump the queue at busy spots like Mall of the Emirates – think again. Customers who try to use the app in a mall will be directed to the taxi rank.

The app, launched by the Roads and Transport Authority, is available now for android devices, and is due to become available on the Apple store next week, according to 7Days newspaper.

“This is  a new method to book the taxi,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of corporate technical support services and chairman of RTA’s smart city committee. “Before you used to shake your hand for the taxi, now you open and shake the phone.”

There is no extra fee for using the service.