What’s On teams up with Good to salute Dubai’s home-grown heroes – the glow-getters – success stories in Dubai who know just what starting a business in Dubai takes.

We’ve teamed up with Good to salute Dubai’s home-grown heroes. Whatever walk of life they are from, they all have in common the courage and conviction to grow an idea here, adding an authentic, home-grown flavour to the region. These are the people we champion – those who work hard, should be applauded and are creating a scene the Emirates can be proud of, forging ahead in heath, food, retail, charity, tech, community, culture and more.

Spas, products, fitness, experts and more, all with a UAE twist to get you healthy, happy, looking good and feeling great…

1) The Nail Spa
Consistency and quality are key to The Nail Spa’s success. Launched in the region by Shabana Karim, with Alison Hardy (pictured) heading up marketing, expect highly trained therapists, long-lasting manis (they’ve scooped our Stamp Of Approval and had the thumbs up from readers in the last year), and a concise menu of face and body treatments; booking ahead is essential, but satisfaction is certain.


2) Tim Hydari
Taimur, known to his friends as Tim, is a child psychotherapist specialising in play therapy, and his work in the UAE has helped countless children suffering from social and emotional difficulties. From victims of bullying to youngsters struggling with their parents’ divorce, Tim’s techniques can help identify and treat issues, with testimonials from families of all backgrounds. He is also Managing Director of wellness centre Breath & Health.


3) Sister’s Beauty Lounge
The go-to spot for many a UAE woman in need of a beauty SOS, Sister’s Beauty Lounge has a team of polishing pros, offering nail, face, body and hair services and winning faithful fans, who now have them on speed dial. Director Hind Abdul Razak has also gone on to start Caboodle, a play and pamper space where mums can drop off their kids to run off steam while being pampered. Clever.


4) The Stroller Spa
Sometimes a company comes along and you smack your head and think “Why has no-one thought of this before?”. The Stroller Spa is one of those great companies, co-founded by Suzanne and Sevak, taking your old (or a second-hand) stroller, and transforming it from grubby to great through sanitising and cleaning, with same day service whenever possible – they’ll even lend you a car seat or stroller for free.


5) SensAsia Urban Spa
This award-winning spa has a legion of devoted fans that visit its trio of branches for top-notch treatments and the best ginger tea in town. Founder Salina Handa has taken a creative approach to the business, forming a Yummy Mummy Club for Dubai’s mothers in need of discounted pampering, regularly adding to the diverse menu and working with other UAE companies, all to relaxing effect.


6) FlyWheel Dubai
This NYC-formed company flew into Dubai on a wave of all-American enthusiasm, reviving the workouts of jaded gym-goers. Like spinning but, well, a million times better, FlyWheel’s awesome instructors, passionate team and kick-ass playlists have the city hooked on the super-competitive bike classes, with rarely an empty saddle in the house. Co-founder Amira Amro also brings over trainers from the States, has added FlyBarre to the Burj Views location and plans to open a second studio this year. Are you ready to fly?


7) Herbline Essentials
Formed by Aly Rahimtoola, sweet-smelling Herbline Essentials is a UAE brand of skincare and beauty products, with an emphasis on Ayurveda. The range, which includes face, body and hair goodies, is made from 100 percent natural ingredients from the Himalayas and are paraben, paraffin and cruelty free. And we adore them.


Meet our other home-grown heroes…

THE FOODIES: This wonderful food-obsessed bunch will keep you well-fed, from independent cafés and fine dining fastfood to a food truck and cookery classes.
THE GLOW-GETTERS: Spas, products, fitness, experts and more, all with a UAE twist to get you healthy, happy, looking good and feeling great.

THE RETAIL THERAPISTS: Step away from the mega malls and you’ll discover small shops and brands are doing it for themselves (and you, of course).
THE TECHIES: As Madonna didn’t say, we are living in a digital world, and these digital girls and boys are making life better on the www.

THE IDEALISTS: These charitable guys do very good things, from one person trying to make a difference to initiatives that inspire the whole community.
THE CREATIVES: This lot laughs in the face of anyone calling the UAE a cultural desert. Ha. Theatre, cinema, design, fashion, art and more are waiting to be discovered.