What’s On teams up with Good to bring you information on Solarway, and how you can help develop business in rural Africa this World Environment Day. 

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Mention the phrase ‘solar power’ and you may have heard of Solarway, one of the leading manufacturers of solar powered lighting and mobile phone charging products. What makes Solarway that little bit special is that they are committed to using renewable energy to help improve the lives of those living in Africa.

With over 500 million Africans having no access to electricity and an 80% of children in developing countries having no means of reading after sunset, the need to find a solution is evident.

Solarway focus on coming up with solutions that will work in even the most extreme conditions, which will empower children with the incentive to study at night to improve their lives. They’ve also developed a solar powered mobile phone charging unit that can be run as a business with low overheads. Sensitive to pricing too highly in the African markets, Solarway offer products at an affordable price so everyone has the chance to have access to light after dusk.

Sales staff are also selected from areas in Africa where Solarway is distributed, providing jobs and training. Boasting success stories such as that of one woman who was forced to take her children out of school after losing her husband, who was able to become a successful business woman in her own right, Solarway is striving to spread this success in other countries.

For Dubai, Solarway has plans to help the city become more environmentally friendly by supporting the idea of using solar lights in tourist attractions and Metro stations. You too can do your bit for the environment, by replacing light sources within the home with solar powered devices, while also cutting down on electricity bills, making it a more financially appealing alternative. Spread the word, start saving the planet, and go solar.

Solarway is available at Picnico and Al Boom stores and solarway.com.