What’s On has details of an extreme obstacle race in the UAE similar to Tough Mudder/Spartan Race, known as Desert Warrior Challenge Dubai. Register here.

Over the course of 10K, participants will dunk themselves into frigid water, crawl along the sand and hurl themselves and teammates over huge vertical walls… but the organisers promise that you wont remember the pain at all. All you’ll remember is the thrill.

Touted as an extreme military-style endurance course, the Desert Warrior Challenge (DWC) involves a track of up to 24 different obstacles that would-be warriors must tackle in a team or individually. It’s designed to test participants’ physical and mental strength.

The event is just one of many adventure and obstacle-style races taking place around the world – others include the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash – and are attracting athletes and those looking for an adrenaline-pumping way to get in shape. Desert Warrior Challenge is the first of its kind to hit our shores, coming to Dubai in October with registration now open.

“While we’re definitely modelling the DWC on the typical assault courses that are taking place around the world, ours will bring a bit of extra Arabian flair” says Troy Gillham, Director of Desert Warrior Challenge.

“While we might not have that much mud, we certainly do have a lot of sand… so you can expect plenty of quicksand elements.”

While the course design and obstacle layout is still under wraps, you can rest assured there’ll be plenty of running, crawling, jumping and climbing involved during the challenge. All, of course, are structurally sound.

“Our structures are tested by the civil defence authority, and we’re in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council who handle our logistics matters including all the necessary medical support and emergency facilities,” explains Gillham.

The race takes place on October 17 in an as yet undisclosed Dubai desert location. Book your tickets in July and you’ll pay the early bird rate of Dhs365.