What’s on has details of GAMES14, the seventh annual video game convention including when it’s happening and where it’s being held.

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Can’t think of anything better than trying out the hottest upcoming games before they’re released? Step into GAMES14, the region’s biggest video games conference, and you’ll probably get the chance.

Organisers have also said that visitors will likely get the opportunity to preview some of the most hotly anticipated gaming technology similar to last year, when, quite dramatically, Sony chose the event to unveil the PlayStation 4 and its release date to gamers in the region for the first time.

There were regional previews of the biggest blockbuster games such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Disney Infinity and Metal Gear Solid V, and the show also played host to the world finals of the global Pro Evolution Soccer Championship.

With over 23,000 gaming fanatics set to walk through its doors this year –  no doubt with some visitors dressed as their favourite gaming characters – not to mention a line-up packed with some fiercely awaited titles, GAMES 2014 is set to recreate the same hype and excitement this time around.

11-13 September
Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai. Metro: World Trade Centre. gamesme.org