What’s On tries out a juice diet in Dubai. Find out what we think about the three-day juice diet detox from Essentially, and if the juice diet works.

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Three days on the wagon with a liquid diet of fruit and vegetable juices is all that’s required to help kick-start a healthier you, says Essentially UAE, the first company to deliver 100 per cent raw and organic juices to the Emirates.

Essentially uses a high-tech hydraulic press that’s supposed to work better than the usual centrifugal juicers that everyone else has. The night before you start the cleanse, you’ll receive 18 juices to be slurped, six a day, over three days.

The bottles are labelled in the order that they must be consumed. Number one is a green juice packed with cucumber, celery, spinach and ginger, followed by a pineapple, apple and mint juice. Then it’s back to another green juice before opening the spicy lemonade. Number five is a red beet juice. You finish the day with cashew milk.

Does it work?
To say we didn’t crave food would be a lie. We dreamt about food; we talked about food; we imagined food flying around the What’s On office.

The first day was novel but by day two, we were hungry and grumpy, paralysed by lack of choice at mealtimes. It wasn’t easy, but of all the cleanses available, a three-day cleanse is the most bearable – and we did look and feel better by the end. It won’t be the most scintillating few days of your life. You’ll do some reading. You’ll lose a bit of weight and your mood will remain even.

The juices, although repetitive after a period of time, are pretty tasty too, especially the cashew milk in the evening, which we even found ourselves craving after we completed the cleanse.



Café Baroque
This three-day cleanse includes a ‘tool kit’ containing four cleansing juices, one power shot and one soup, each of which has been carefully chose to be tasty, healthy and filling.


Cafe Baroque, Dubai

Detox Delight
Developed by accredited nutritionists and raw food gourmet chefs, all soups and juices are produced from fresh ingredients every day and gently prepared using only high-quality ingredients. Deliveries are to your door on a daily basis.