What’s On shows Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Instagram (Faz3) post atop the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in front of the supermoon.

Faz3 celebrates Expo
Burj Khalifa storm

Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai, has once again set tongues wagging on social media after he posted an astonishing video of what appears to be himself atop the Burj Khalifa during Saturday night’s ‘supermoon’.

‘Faz3’, who boasts over 1.01million followers on Instagram, has a reputation for combining intimate family photos with the most stunning images of Dubai, both natural and man-made.

His latest snapshot, though, which received almost 100,000 likes in its first few hours online, will surely go down as one of his best.

The Crown Prince can be seen standing in the spire of the world’s tallest building while the moon – bigger and brighter than normal due to the fact it was 30,000 miles closer to Earth than the farthest point in its orbit – dominates the background.

‘Supermoons’ – or ‘perigee-syzygy’ or ‘perigee full/new moon’, to give it its full astronomical name – occur roughly once every 15 months, though there are occasions when more than one will happen over a much shorter period. Such a time is now with the next one expected in August when the moon will be 863 miles closer than the one shown on Sheikh Hamdan’s Instagram.

A week later, perhaps in response to those who questioned whether he was the silhouette in the video, The Crown Prince posted a video clearly showing him in position on the very highest point of Burj Khalifa. You can see it below.

The Crown Prince previously set social media ablaze when he posted a stunning stop-motion video of a storm enveloping Downtown, capturing the very moment the rain consumes the Burj Khalifa. Uploaded the following day, the short clip shows lightning in the sky around the Downtown area while clouds whizz by overhead. As it continues, a blur – which we’re soon to find out is torrential rain – in the distance moves ever closer until it seemingly crashes into the side of the iconic tower.

Within 24 hours of the upload, the clip had been liked 67,000 times and provoked 3,000 comments from his followers.

Late in 2013, the  31-year-old made news as Dubai celebrated winning the Expo 2020, publishing a video showing the fearless Sheikh atop the building, waving a celebratory flag.