What’s On and Hype reveals Dubai-based homegrown music stars Hollaphonic worked with Justin Timberlake’s backing band, The Tennessee Kids on a new album.

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Dubai’s homegrown dance band Hollaphonic never misses a trick when it comes to making friends in high places.

Olly Wood and Greg Stainer were thrilled recently to receive a call from Justin Timberlake’s backing band, The Tennessee Kids, when they were in the region with the megastar.

“We got a phone call to say that they were interested in making some music with us, because they’d never really been involved in this genre,” Olly told Hype. “So they came to the studio in Dubai, and we worked solidly for about five or six hours together. There was a couple of Grammy nominees there, some brass, some singers and songwriters.”

Olly added that they had to keep quiet about the studio sessions (pictured above) while Justin Timberlake and his band were in town. However, he revealed he hoped that the results of the session would see the light of day sooner rather than later.

Said Olly in June: “We’ve got a couple of tracks in the pipeline with Aaron Camper, who’s Justin’s main backing singer. We put together some new music with him, which will hopefully be ready in time for our first album. If not, it’ll go on our second.”

The boys’ debut album, Personal Space, is scheduled for release post-Ramadan, following their switch from EMI to Universal. Once released, Olly predicted the band would embark on some “Hollaphonic and Friends” gigs with “all the people we’ve worked with from around the world”.