What’s On has put together your perfect guide of things to do in Dubai in August, including boxing classes in Dubai and full bucket list of things to do.

“How many have you done?” That was the big question heard around the What’s On office this month. The trigger for this enquiry was our Dubai Bucket List, a list of the 91 things anybody living in Dubai absolutely, positively, definitely must do. Food, sport, events, thrills, culture, shopping, sights – every category is covered in our mega list. Grab a red pen and tick the ones you’ve done. Anything missing a tick, put it on your bucket list.

Elsewhere this month, team What’s On has been struggling to lift their arms above shoulder height this month. This is the result of trying numerous boxing classes in Dubai to find the best. If you want to get fit (and we mean fit) peruse the nine places and pull on those big red gloves. Don’t be intimidated, we have classes for every level.

Biggest, longest, highest is the theme of our feature Extreme Dubai, which showcases the most ‘wow’ things in Dubai. Brunches, hotel rooms, burgers, pizzas – even spa treatments – are here.

Coming to the UAE in August is master illusionist David Blaine and we have a preview of his show. Past stunts have seen the American stand on a pole for 34 hours, sit in a block of ice for 63 hours, live in a plastic box suspended in the air without food for 44 days, and hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes. All very impressive, but could he last a week at What’s On? You’re welcome to try anytime, Dave.

Also in our August issue you’ll find reviews of hot new restaurants from star chefs Wolfgang Puck and Alfredo Russo, whose gorgonzola ice cream was one of the weirdest things we’ve eaten in a long time. If books are your way of getting through the summer, why not join a book club? We have details. Finally, we’ll tell you how to stay healthy in the heat, how to get a great spa deal, which new fitness classes are in town, and what’s new at the cinema.

Buy your copy of What’s On now. Not only will it keep you in the loop, it’ll also automatically tick off number 91 on your bucket list. Only 90 more to go…

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