What’s On has details of the Dubai Marina promenade dog walking ban which angered people living in Dubai Marina and don’t know where to walk dogs in Dubai.

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A decision to outlaw the walking of dogs on the Dubai Marina promenade has been met with a fierce backlash from the local residents.

Developer Emaar have angered pet owners in the area who say signs announcing the move were erected overnight and without prior warning.

It is another crushing blow for man’s best friend who are already limited in places they can be taken, with the likes of Jumeirah Beach Residences’ Walk and the beach already ruled out.

“Many of us made the decision to move to the area because of its dog-friendly environment,” Eli Bou Merhy, who started an online petition to reverse the decision, told The National, “and now we are being told that dogs are no longer allowed on to the promenade. We are hoping to find a solution that will satisfy both us and Emaar.

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“I don’t want to break any rules but I am going to have to keep walking my dog in the area because I have no other choice. Our other options are either move, to get in our cars and take them to other open spaces or to places where we will have to pay about Dh100 for them to play. This is not ideal. We are willing to collaborate and, of course, clean up after our dogs, something that most dog owners already do.”

Another local resident hit out over the lack of warning. Ana Aguilar said: “One day everything was fine, and the next day bins allocated for throwing away dog waste were gone and, instead, there were the signs.”

Responding, the developer said in a statement: “We have requested our visitors to kindly refrain from bringing their pets along the Marina Promenade, as part of the hygienic measures.”