What’s On takes on AquaFun Dubai, the pop-up inflatable water park at JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Towers). Get prices and info on the inflatable slide in JLT.

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What’s On goes head first to check out the inflatable water slide at JLT’s AquaFun is the highest in the world. Whether that’s true on not, one thing’s for certain – it’s incredibly fun, once you’ve managed to reach the top, of course.

Part-bouncy castle, part-slide, you’ll first need to scramble up the steps that lead up the giant slope; the slippery, spongy stepping blocks and thin rope make such a feat all the more tricky. But once you make it to the top you can catch your breath and prepare for an epic slide down, made even faster thanks to jets of soapy water that are sprayed down the drop.

There’s little sliding rule etiquette, so how you make your way down is completely up to you. Regardless, you’ll be soaking wet – and pretty dizzy – by the time you reach the bottom.


Other activities at AquaFun include an inflatable obstacle course, soapy football pitch, bumper boats and sumo wrestling in sumo suits. The best part about it? There are no age restrictions on any of the rides.

A VIP pass costs Dhs50 and includes unlimited access to everything except soapy football sessions for adults, which costs an additional Dhs20 per person.

Lake C, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, daily 4pm to 10pm until January 2015. Tel: (04) 4329322. Metro: Jumeirah Lakes Towers. facebook.com/aquafunme