What’s On teams up with Hype to meet the stars of the local music scene in Dubai. In partnership with Freshly Ground Sounds we bring you Physical Graffiti.

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Physical Graffiti is a contemporary-folk four-piece band formed when they met as students at SAE Institute in Dubai. Their first show with Freshly Ground Sounds at Safa Park, in December 2013, introduced the band to a new crowd outside of the usual student circle. Since then they have played at various events in the UAE.

They are multi-instrumentalists and for a Dubai-born band, their sound is relatively unique. Their ambient harmonies, instantly catchy acoustic rhythms and soulful lyrics produce a sound you can enjoy equally as much at a summer festival or laidback bar. Ones to watch, Freshly caught up with lead vocalist Zubin Aroz…

What are you up to right now? We’ve played nearly 40 shows and we’re pretty happy with that. We have two new originals and we’ll be heading back into the studio for more recordings. Since our drummer, Wafik, left for the US, Sandeep plays the guitar at our live shows and our guitarist, Ankhurr, now plays percussion. We switch it up.


How was your summer? We had time to do some writing, which was good. We also played our first international show in India at The Humming Tree, in Bangalore. It’s usually a venue where you need to audition but we’re grateful to have been recommended and we played an acoustic show, which was great. It went really well. Off the back of that, we’re currently in discussions to plan a tour in India.

What’s on the horizon? We’re playing at the Space AD in Abu Dhabi, on Saturday, August 30, and we’re playing at some Freshly pop-up gigs in September. We’ll also be featured on a documentary next year called Black Sheep. We haven’t written music for a specific feature before, so that was a really interesting process.

Follow the boys on facebook.com/physicalgraffitimusic


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