What’s On has a review of Speedflex in Dubai, a workout used by Alan Shearer, among others. Find out how to book Speedflex at JA Ocean View Hotel, JBR.

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It may be a few years since he turned out for England, but we still wouldn’t challenge Alan Shearer to a race. What we can do is copy his workout, now that Speedflex training has arrived in Dubai. The former footballer uses the circuit-based system to stay in shape, and it’s now available at JA Ocean View Hotel in JBR. And it’s free until September 1.

There are no weights to adjust on the set of seven machines, which respond to the force applied by the user – so the harder you work, the higher the resistance. It makes for a high-intensity, low-impact work out that is suitable for everyone from pensioners to professional athletes.

You’ll be assessed to see how you measure up in a variety of terrifying-sounding categories – think body fat percentage, muscle mass and visceral fat – before strapping on a wireless heart rate monitor for the workout.


Instructors lead the 45-minute sessions, mixing circuits and reps on the machines with anything from planks to Russian twists. Your heart rate will flash up on screens in the studio, so you can keep track of how hard you’re working. The aim is to push yourself into the “red zone”, reached when your heart is working at 90 per cent of its capacity. At the end of the session the instructor will take you through your stats, from your average heart rate to the number of calories you burned off.

According to its fans, the low-impact nature of the Speedflex system means you avoid the dreaded post-gym soreness the following day, while still getting a full body workout and burning a shedload of calories – and who knows, you could even spot a celeb. Shearer is a regular at the Newcastle studio, and we all know how much footballers love a holiday in Dubai.

The Walk, JBR, Dubai, Sat to Thur 6am to 10pm, Fri 6am to noon, Dhs150. Tel: (04) 8145666. Taxi: JA Ocean View Hotel. speedflex.com