What’s On has details of Water For Workers campaign that distributes bottled water to labourers in Dubai. Find out how to get involved in the good cause.

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By Chloe Henderson

The hugely beneficial Water For Workers drive will return on August 30, and organisers The Sameness Project want your help.

The last instalment of the initiative saw more than 5000 bottles of water given away in less than an hour to Dubai’s labourers.

The drive, hailed as an overwhelming success by organisers, saw thousands of bottles of cold water and ‘thank you’ face cloths given away within just 45 minutes, in 39 different locations around Dubai.

The event whirled up a mini social-media storm with hundreds of photographs uploaded to Facebook and Twitter within hours. Approximately 220 volunteers braved the 38°C heat to take part in the project, including children, families, and Dubai-based companies sending their staff to take part.

Organisers of the event, The Sameness Project, were amazed at the turnout, citing it as a Water For Workers record.

“We started Water for Workers two summers ago with four friends, 50 bottles of water, and ‘thank you’ stickers we had to attach as we went. To see that many people and that much water being given out on Saturday was very humbling,” they said.

And now the group are asking for a similar response when they meet at Emirates International School, Al Thanya at 10am on Saturday August 30. All volunteers have to do is meet outside the school to have their cars loaded boxes of water ready to be given out.

Founded in 2012, Water for Workers – now sponsored by Pepsico – encourages a community recognition for the hard work Dubai’s labourers put into maintaining Dubai and its infrastructure.

Despite promoting acts of goodwill, the organisation maintains that it is not a charity.

“While giving cold water to a thirsty worker is no doubt a good act in itself, the main aim for Water for Workers is the engagement and interaction between those handing out the water and the workers receiving it,” their website states. “Cold water is nice but it’s the thank you’s, handshakes, and small conversations with the workers, that help erase the lines that separate, and create the moment of sameness.”

As well as bottles of water, face cloths thanking the workers in six different languages were also given out to mark appreciation.

For more information, contact fiona@thesamenessproject.com or call 055 220 6727.