What’s On details ZeroG by S3, offering weightlessness flights in UAE. Watch weightlessness videos, find out how you can experience Zero Gravity in Dubai.

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If you’ve seen videos of astronauts in space before, pirouetting and somersaulting in mid air, and thought about how much fun it looks, you’re in luck: UAE residents are soon able to float around weightlessly – for a few minutes at least – when they sign up for zero gravity flights scheduled to take off in April next year.

Real astronauts of course conduct their work in a zero gravity environment hundreds of miles up in space. But at a starting price of Dhs10,000, the same sensation can by yours on the Swiss Space Systems’ (S3) custom rocket, a modified jet whose pilots induce weightlessness through a series of mid-air manoeuvres called parabolas.

S3 operates under the slogan ‘space for all’ – allowing civilians the opportunity to experience weightlessness, something that is usually only experienced by astronauts. Nasa, for example puts its astronauts through a much more rigorous version of the same flights as part of their training, deliberately pushing participants to the stage of nausea in what has been colourfully nicknamed the ‘vomit comet’.

But rest assured participants on board this flight won’t be put through anything nearly as traumatic.

Instead, you’ll experience around 20-30 seconds of weightlessness several times over on the flight where real astronauts oversee the entire thing. You’ll get to unbuckle from your seat and float around like Superman before the gravitational pull takes hold.

True to Dubai standards there’s even a VIP room available where passengers can expect a totally customised experience – together with a hefty Dhs245,000 price tag.

The S3 flights in the UAE take place on 9,10,11 April and 16,17,18 April and tickets can be bought at zerog.s-3.ch.