What’s On tells you where to get American Apparel in Dubai, with the Californian brand’s debut in the region courtesy of Dubai-based website sivvi.com.

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For those of us who became familiar with the American Apparel brand in America or Europe, a few pictorial tropes come to mind: Cropped mesh tee shirts, voyeurism, catsuits and lots of bare legs in the air.

Built from a dorm room operation in the late 80s, to a global phenomenon based originally on the humble T-shirt, America Apparel has been the hipster go-to brand for over 30 years.

But it’s their liberal marketing tactics and edgy political statements that have always ensured they succeeded as much with column inches as they did with their cult must-have clothing.

So the announcement that a Dubai-based online retailer is bringing the controversial brand to the Middle East is causing quite a stir.

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But a quick browse through the catalogue of clothing items on the site, and it’s clear the oft risqué brand is not taking any risks in this market. Conservative yet hipster-cool long sleeve shirts, dresses, hoodies and, of course, the basic tee create the main items available for order. And no doubt their political standings and marketing strategies will be somewhat diluted here too. Nevertheless, it’s still a massive thumbs-up from fashionistas in the region.

SIVVI.COM is the name behind American Apparel’s Middle Eastern debut. As a site keen to offer fresh brands to the Middle East, SIVVI is pleased to be the cult brand’s exclusive regional retailer:

“Bringing American Apparel not just to SIVVI but to the entire region is a very exciting development for us,” says Emirati founder Rashid Alabbar.

Sivvi has over 60 global brands available on the site and offers same day delivery, free returns and online style experts to answer your fashion queries, too.